Our Mission

Active Duty Fishing has a 3 Tier Mission Set:


1) Unite Military Anglers. We in the military are everywhere across the world. Have you ever had trouble finding a fishing partner with a similiar work schedule? Have you ever changed duty stations and had no idea where to go fishing in a new state or country? We are with you there. Let's fix it. Together.

2) Grow the sport of fishing within the Military.  We here at Active Duty Fishing truly believe in the power of fishing and it's benefits it has on people's lives. We believe in the power fishing has on people's mind, body, and spirit. While many of our Service Members do enjoy fishing, and totally kick ass. We strive to create even MORE anglers amongst the ranks and grow the sport of fishing as a hobby and a lifestyle.

 3) Make Fishing Cool.  Fishing IS "Cool". Take pride in your passion, We Do! It's our Lifestyle!