What the heck is Active Duty Fishing? It's like... just for the military right?

November 28, 2017

Hey Folks! So, this is the first blog post I'm writing on the new site, and I just wanted to tell you, if you are reading this.... THANK YOU! It TRULY means the world to me that out of the bazillion places you could be on the internet, you have come to my little slice of real estate. 

 I hope that my hard work as an entrepreneur on Social Media or Word of Mouth brought you here; but if you've never heard of Active Duty Fishing, I'd love to tell you what it's all about!

While there is certainly a military theme and influence to the brand, and we want to popularize fishing in the military. Active Duty Fishing is a brand that relates to EVERYBODIES love for Fishing, whether you wear a Uniform or not.

Active Duty Fishing is a WAY OF LIFE. Currently serving my 10th year on Active Duty in the U.S. Navy I can definitely say that the term "Active Duty" has some weight to it, and to say that you are Active Duty evokes a lot with it. To be Active Duty means that even when you’re off work, you’re on the clock. Ready at a moment's notice. Your life revolves around the mission. When one mission is executed, another is right there to consume you. To be on Active Duty is truly a state of being that never ends.

I personally, like so many of my fellow fishing brethren, and yourself included, apply that same mindset and approach to our beloved sport of fishing. Here, Fishin' is the Mission! Active Duty Fishing takes the place of one saying "I'm an Avid Angler" or "They're a Hardcore Fisherman!". We are all Active Duty Fishermen! 

If you are out there chasing the bite in inclement weather, spending your Saturday night at your secret spot, looking up fishing reports at work, always have poles in your car for when you drive by that new body of water, or you find fishing tackle in your washing machine (Just a few examples of many): YOU ARE AN ACTIVE DUTY FISHERMAN! You love fishing! It's a part of you! And Active Duty Fishing is the brand that represents you! Like the Marine standing watch at midnight, in 20 degree cold, you are committed to this! We are committed to this! 

At the time of this writing, Active Duty Fishing is merely transferring from and embryonic to a fetal stage. We've went from Idea, to reality. We have a heartbeat, but need some nurturing. Every single sale and dollar we EARN from you goes right back into bringing you more value, and sweet new designs and gear for you to rock. We have HUGE ambitions in the fishing game. We can't and wouldn't want to, do it without YOU! 

I can't wait to see you guys rocking some cool quality Active Duty Fishing gear. Let's enjoy tight lines and bent rods TOGETHER!

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