One of YouTube’s Fishing Titans, LakeForkGuy (Justin Rackley) was unfortunately diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. In a Video he posted yesterday, he chronicled himself suffering from what he thought was a series of Migraines. Although he initially didn’t want to, his wife and mother convinced him to go to the Emergency Room where they learned of the Tumor. Justin states that the Tumor is benign, and that it had been there for some time as evidenced by a calcium build up around it.

Obviously this is some huge news for Justin and his family to digest. Justin, albeit probably still in shock from his diagnosis is already appearing strong and ready to take this head on. He stated he will keep us updated, and I hope he does when the time is right. Make sure to send prayers to the Rackley Family, and show some support by using the #prayersforlfg Hashtag, and throw some love his way via comments and thumbs ups on his YouTube Videos/Social Media. YOU GOT THIS JUSTIN!

To all of you reading this. Keep in mind, this could be any of us in Justin’s shoes right now. Live life the way it’s supposed to be lived, and give love to those you love!

Here is the link to Justin’s Video: LFG: Brain Tumor