When I first started this blog; I was on a deployment in Spain, It was right before New Years, and I hadn’t been fishing in about 6 months, The fire was burning inside of me, the itch never went away, and then more than ever I knew I wanted to start taking my fishing passion down a slightly more professional path. No, the Bassmaster Classic isn’t calling my name or anything, But I figured that pursuing some sponsorships would help me start to wedge my way into the business side of the fishing industry.


Thanks to NPS I have been fortunate enough to have been picked up for 3 Pro-Staff Positions.

An awesome rod company, a great bait company, and the almighty platform itself. I’m proud to be working with all of them. And for you aspiring sponsorees, I will give you some insight into the perks and requirements into the Pro-Staff. HERE THEY ARE.



Exclusive Rod Sponsorship. I cannot be sponsored by any other fishing rod companies.

Initial Perks: 3 Free Rods (After $100 Pro-Staff Membership fee, and still pay shipping) Continual Perks:  50% discounts on every other rod purchase, and the ability to afford that discount to one additional person a month. (4 rods per month)

Requirements: Post a product review on their website.

All additional requirements are based on a monthly point system for them to evaluate.  The key cogs in this wheel revolve around Social Media, Blogging, Tournaments, and Sales. Each of which have independent requirements, i.e an Instagram post must have 50 likes and prominently display, feature, or mention the product.

Also must be available for Trade shows, with daily compensation.

Sales and Trade Show stuff gets kind of nitty gritty, and since I’ve yet to do one I shall refrain from further detail.



Initial Perks: 25% discount on all Gambler products.

Additional Perks: Additional 10% monthly for video submissions to Gambler media platforms. Non-specific incentive based discounts for additional promotional merits.

Requirements: Positive and professional promotions through face-to-face angler interaction and tournaments.

Provide a monthly feature image to Gambler directly. Provide at least one Social Media Post directly featuring Gambler Lures. Actively like/comment on Gambler’s Media platforms. Participate in media events if so requested.



Perks: .50 cents per referral of every new NPS User ( ^ Use that link^)  15% off all ProShop orders. FREE shipping (1x a month) and 20% off all Pro-Staff Applications.

Requirements: Get at least 50 people to join NPS in a year. Place NPS Decals on Boats, Jerseys, if applicable. Post and utilize NPS regularly (At least 1 post a month). Promote NPS on other media accounts, and be a positive brand ambassador.

These are just the meat and potatoes of the perks and requirements for working with all three of these stellar companies.  I’m brand new to this Pro-Staff thing, but I am STOKED to get to work! As you guys can see, yes… It is work.. kind of. If you aren’t already doing these things to some degree, perhaps you should build up to it. I’m still building up by my own standards. But if you are already an avid fishermen who is out there publicly grinding, WHY NOT pursue at least one sponsorship to get your feet wet. Maybe it’s your new calling. Maybe you’ve always wanted to, but never knew how. Maybe It’ll be one of the funner adventures you partake in over the next year or so. Maybe, you’ll regret it if you never take that step..

I cannot thank these 3 companies enough for the OPPORTUNITY to promote them!

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