It’s no secret by now that YouTube has really helped transform the way that Fishing is delivered as information and entertainment. Essentially, the days of Books and Magazine Subscriptions are six feet under, and the Weekend Morning Fishing shows are all but pushing up daisies themselves, with the advent of so much on demand entertainment (Like YouTube) and the complexity of cable packages, effort involved to get that programming, and overall lack of widespread availability.

Along with the shift in how we receive that content, perhaps a bigger shift in lieu of this is by WHO we receive this content from.  Bill Dance and Jimmy Houston blazed the path, but have given way to a bunch of kids, and technically astute old salts who are hungry, multi-talented, and are more in tune with the consuming populous.  The amateurs are becoming the professionals.

I’ll take a stab at doing a more in depth look at the paradigm shift in fishing in another article, but for now: Let’s do a List! Below is a list of the Top YouTube Fishing Channels by subscriber count.  The number’s are pretty staggering. People often look at fishing as a “Niche” but I disagree. It’s obviously it’s own industry, with Niche’s within it. And while most of these channels add variety in what they do, It’s apparent that Bass Fishing reigns supreme. Saltwater has some strong showings in here too with offshore or Shark videos getting the highest view counts on their videos.

**Disclaimer** You wont see Addictive Fishing, Into the Blue, Fishing with Luiza, etc on here. They are all great, But Im trying to highlight self made content creators as opposed to highly produced and financially backed tv shows and channels in that realm** Also, The channel must mainly focus on fishing, as opposed to all encompassing outdoor channels. Another list, another time. **

As we go through this list, I will highlight some specific channels and offer insights on the ones I like best. That being said, BRAVO ZULU to all of these individuals for taking their passions and putting in the work to bring their adventures to the masses! They are the Future, they are the present. They have the industry torch and all deserve the love for doing what they do, because it sure isn’t easy. So without further ado, Here’s the list!


OVER 500,000

  • 1rod1reelFishing : 577, 249
  • Jon B. : 573,872
  • Blacktip H : 561,249

These my friends, are your true Titans.  I Love these channels for different reasons. 1rod is a great dude who hustles his ass off, makes great content and as many of you know, mutually split from the Googan Squad to maintain balance in his personal life. How many people would do that? I’m stoked for his continued success! Jon B has been at this since he started growing arm-pit hair, and good for him. He is undoubtedly the most gifted film maker, with a knack for technology and business. He’s a couple thousand subs behind 1rod, but He is the face of fishing for this generation. BlacktipH has been at this along time as well, and is the King of Saltwater! He has EPIC sharkfishing, and is supremely knowledgeable. His filming and editing are top-notch and the lure of big game fishing has attracted a bunch of athletes and celebrities to come fish with him.


OVER 200,000

  • LunkersTV : 472,914
  • Flair : 318,324
  • LakeForkGuy : 277,357
  • APBassing : 275,262
  • FlukeMaster : 207,522


Bass Fishing owns this Elite group. You have the remaining Googan Squad members doing their things with LunkersTV, Flair, and APBassing. LunkersTV will always have my support because of his openness about his time in the military. You’ve got LakeForkGuy who deserves a ton of Love. He is kind of the middleman between the Googan Squad and some of your Old-Schoolish types, and recently stepped up his video editing, and content creation game tremendously. Super entertaining and a lot of industry insight. Flukemaster is a great ambassador for the sport of Bass Fishing. If he’s not the most knowledgeable, he’s within the top 3 of bass fishing knowledge.


OVER 100,000

  • Catfish and Carp : 174,894
  • Darcizzle Offshore : 154, 134
  • BamaBass : 137,777
  • Googan Squad : 135,755
  • Zoffinger : 116,840
  • Catch_Em_All Fishing : 111,307
  • TallFisherman J : 103,606


Here we start to see a little more variety with some top level channels. Can you guess what Catfish and Carp specialize’s in? It’s refreshing to see a freshwater angler target something beyond bass. Both species are big, fight, and are fun to catch, but neither get the love that bass do. BRAVO ZULU to you for providing a Bass Alternative. You’ve got Darcizzle Offshore on here as the reigning queen of Lady Anglers. She has really thrust herself into the industry and is growing a lot as an angler and ambassador. Zoffinger has been essentially documenting his life and fishing journey together. It’s been interesting to see such a personal journey. Catch_Em_All and TallFishermanJ are Florida guys doing Florida things. They take advantage of the wide variety of fishing Florida offers in an entertaining and relevant way.


OVER 75,000

  • Informative Fisherman : 98,647
  • Extreme Philly Fishing : 83,106
  • 618 Fishing : 82,376
  • Tyler’s Reel Fishing : 78, 106
  • Brendan’s Fabulous World of Fishing : 75,517

Informative Fisherman has been at it awhile providing in-depth quality information on a variety of fisheries. His videos are longer (30 minute range) due to the detail of knowledge he provides. ExtremePhillyFishing is a road dog of 1rod1reel and runs a somewhat similar style channel. Tyler’s Reel Fishing is almost Googan Jr like, in a good way. And Brendan is a smart and passionate kid who has a bright future in store


OVER 50,000

  • Monster Mike’s Fishing : 74, 062
  • Andy’s Fishing : 74,039
  • Muddy River Catfishing : 71,728
  • BigBassMaster1 : 68,419
  • Sea Money Fishing : 67,067
  • TacticalBassin : 61,230
  • Chris Bulaw : 58,811

Monster Mike has the largest Fish to Fisherman size ratio of anyone on this list, and a ton of personality.  Shout-out to another dedicated Catfish Channel. Again, I just have some love for people who get away from the more glamourous bass fishing and get down and dirty with Catfish. Sea Money Fishing is a quality fisherman and I enjoy his channel a lot.  He moves around the east coast a lot in pursuit of his fish, while favoring saltwater.


OVER 40,000

  • Robert Field : 49,381
  • John Skinner Fishing : 46,203
  • Key West Kayak Fishing : 45,098

Robert Field is a Stud. John Skinner Fishing is an older guy who’s channel feels a bit more “classic” but in a really good way. He is SUPER SUPER Knowledgable. And has even wrote books on fishing. If YouTube was a thing 40 years ago, He would have been a Saltwater Jon B.  Key West Kayak Fishing runs a solid channel with a lot of offshore kayak fishing. Offshore Kayak Fishing, in my opinion is the most exhilarating fishery there is.


OVER 30,000

  • Kayak Bassin TV : 39, 356
  • W2 Outdoors : 36,271
  • TackleJunky81 : 34,376
  • Facts of Fishing : 31,609

KayakBassinTV is the only devoted Bass Fisherman on the scene. He has my unwaivering respect as a 20 year military retiree. His content is Legit, and aside from his awesome fishing, his industry insights are on-point. A great great host!


OVER 20,000

  • 30 Miles Out : 29,479
  • Thresher Fishing : 26,213
  • LandShark Fishing : 23,726

30 Miles Out is one of the MAIN channels that put my ass in a kayak to begin with. While I don’t follow the channel as much these days, watching his old BTB videos on the rigs in texas still get me excited. Thresher Fishing and Landshark Fishing are both some solid young guns on their way up. I enjoy Thresher a lot as a host. Landshark Fishing is gonna shoot up this list. Believe That.


“LITTLE GUYS” Who deserve to Shoot up these rankings!

  • EliasVFishing : 13,598
  • Mark KIDCOCHIESE Garry : 6,295
  • Glenn Madden : 3,490

EliasVFishing and Mark KIDCOCHIESE Garry are both New York guys tearing it up in Montauk and the surrounding areas. Both are home run hitting fishermen with very different but uniquely awesome styles. EliasVFishing is more “quiet “ in comparison, but you definitely see his passion and expertise come through in his work. He probably has the most extensive catch and cook playlist that I’ve seen. Which in and of itself isn’t unique, but to successfully plan and target the variety of species he does takes a lot. And that’s just a break from his normal SLAYING of Stripers, Blues, and Flounder.

Mark KIDCOCHIESE Gary. This dude… He’s got personality for DAYS! I’ll say this. He’s New York as hell! He is a Charter Boat Captain branching into YouTube and this guy knows how to Fish! I really like his tips that he combines with underwater footage. Getting underwater footage in the dirty New York waters with those currents isn’t easy. I can’t help to smile watching his stuff. A lot of comedic input with some badass fishing.

Glenn Madden. Professor Salt as he’s called is a badass Kayak Fishermen who I’ve learned a ton from watching. Maybe not as prolific of a personality, But he puts time in on the water, and has results that I envy. His offshore stuff is off the chain. Look him up for A LOT of drag peeling fun.

While I went as low as the 20,000 mark in ranking these channels, there are still a ton of up and comers out there, and a simple subscriber count does not overall speak to the quality of the channel. Like everything in todays day and age, technology and tools improve everyday allowing creators more freedom to make their visions a reality. Regardless of any technology, take YouTube or Social Media away; and you would still see all of these guys out there on the water. These guys are passionate about the sport of fishing and are bringing it to new anglers in new ways, everyday and helping our sport grow. The industry needs us to support them, they need us to support them, and does support them! Always Like, Comment, and Subscribe to your favorite channels. EVERY way you interact with them helps (Literally, in multiple ways).


It is possible that I fucked up, and forgot somebody within the numbers I listed… Did I? If so Let me know.

Comment Below on who you think the best channels are and Why!

Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting our sport and our passion. Thanks for supporting me.

Now get off the internet and go out there and Fish!


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