Fishing is great. Catching is even better! While I’ve been consistently fishing on a weekly basis, I hadn’t been doing a ton of catching during the spring. Finally in this last week of April, I got some catching in.

I had been in Crew Served Weapons Instructor school in Chesapeake for a few weeks, and advantageously looking for new fishing holes along this new route I was taking every day. Over a couple of days, I identified several from just driving by them, or scoping out google maps on my drive, simply looking for bodies of water relatively close to the highway. As the days went on, I tried several spots on my trips home with not much to show for it… Given, I was only stopping for maybe 15 minutes or so testing the waters, hoping for bass. On my second to last day I stopped at a pond located in between 2 churches. Lord: I thank you for your fishy offerings!  While throwing for bass, I kept hearing splashes in the vicinity and just had to investigate such a high volume of activity.

I moved down the bank about 100 yards into a cove with a drainage pipe, and found a school of easily 50 plus Carp swimming around. I quickly ran back to my Jeep, and ran to a grocery store about a mile down the road to grab a can of corn. It was on!

The Carp were hungry and my efforts were rewarded. After tossing a nice handful of corn to get them going, I threw a weightless, corn-filled hook in and it didn’t take long. I caught about 10 carp in the 3-7 lb range and lost several others. I learned that those sucker like mouths of theirs are unfortunately very soft. I didnt have a net and was landing them on about a 30″ vertical bank. The hooks ripped out of their mouths on several instances under thier own weight. I will always have a net from this point forward if I’m intending to catch Carp, and would recommend you doing so as well. I hardly ever use a net, but at least I have a reason to dust mine off now. This is the first time I’ve ever caught Carp, but it wont be the last. On a size basis, they are much larger, and fight twice as hard as bass. Some people think they are trash fish, but they are too fun to not target them now and again. For some great Carp fishing videos check out Catfish and Carp on YouTube. He is a stud fisherman, also out of Virginia.

An unexpected, but much appreciated adventure. And now I can say I’ve went to Church this year!  If there is water by a church in your area, Go repent to the fishing gods and catch some fish!

Tight Lines!


Side Note: As you can see in the picture, I have a GoPro on my head. The first solid fishing footage I was able to get on film….. Kind of. I was stoked to look at the footage when i got home. Unfortunately I learned that the head mount is terrible for fishing footage as 80% of the footage is completely missing the action. You live and you learn!