“Kayak” Kevin Whitley, from Norfolk Virginia is now a few weeks into his 7 month Kayak Fishing Tour (2017 Trident Fishing Tour). He is starting in the Florida Keys, and paddling his way all the way back home by September. He is kayakking in his  Ocean Kayak Trident 15, and the tour is being sponsored by Ocean Kayak, and YakAttack. Kevin is currently posting daily live reports on Facebook. Follow along, and live through his tour with him. I am, and you should too! He’s currently tearing up snook and Tarpon. I’m excited to watch him cycle through fisheries just as he is mastering one.

Could you imagine? For most of us, paddling up the Eastern Seaboard would be out of the question, but Kayak Kevin is no novice.

This is Kevin’s 6th tour, ranging from 200 to 1800 miles. Yes… 1800 miles! In 2005, he paddled from Pensacola, all the way around Florida and back to Norfolk. Where as in his previous tours, he was strictly covering ground, paddling about 100 miles a week; he is now emphasizing fishing and taking his time more. His only time restriction is beating the seasonal Northwest winds and making it home by September.

Kayak Kevin was a huge influence on me when I first began Kayak Fishing a couple years back. His 3 Kayak Fishing the Chesapeake Bay DVD’s he produced from 2009-2014 are pure GOLD. He was Kayak Fishing before Kayak Fishing ever spiked in popularity. He also has a hefty volume of Fishing Podcasts on his YouTube Page. It would be an honor to interview him, and unbelievable to fish with “Drum Jesus” himself.

Kevin’s Website

Kevin’s Facebook

Kevin’s YouTube Channel

Do you think if I put in a 7 month Leave Chit, The Navy would approve it so I could do it with him? Ha!