In September of 2015, when I reported to Virginia Beach I had no idea about fishing in the area. A problem so many of us Active Duty Anglers face when we PCS to a new area. Just as we get really honed in on the fishing scene where we are, we pack our bags and move to a new Duty Station and have to learn how to fish it from scratch. This time I resorted to Facebook and searched different local groups to try to get the scoop. Low and behold my prayers were answered in the form of Mr. Jimmy Kolb.

I reached out expecting some generic tips or locations that I’d have to piece together myself, and hope I can get enough of a lead to put in some worthwhile trial and error.

However, Jimmy seeing that I was Military, and being the Genuine Patriot, Badass Fisherman, and all around Stand-Up Guy that he is readily enlisted HIS services to help a guy out. He didn’t just give me the low-down, within a few days he actually took me out on his boat with him and put me on some specks in LynneHaven Inlet.

Jimmy has been tearing up the Saltwater Scene here in Hampton Roads since the 70’s and has the Pictures, Videos, and STACK’s of Citations and Awards to prove it! (I would love to do a feature on him in the future). Jimmy is also the man behind Wolfpack Jigs. He has been making his own Jigs for YEARS and they absolutely SLAY fish. If it swims in Saltwater, Jimmy can make a Jig to catch it. And all of its friends and relatives too.

He has also been cool enough to take me under his wing and teach me his craft. From pouring, to painting, to tying, to fishing. His specialties are Bucktails and Vertical Jigs and he’s showing me how to do it.

I’ve been at it for a few days now and have a few dozen under my belt. Only about 6,000,000 more and I’ll match Jimmy. This is really a genuinely cool thing to me. Although fly fishing isn’t my thing, I definitely have a new appreciation for those that Tie Flies, or make tackle in general. Tie’s must be particularly difficult due to the size. We make mostly 1-1/2-3 ounce jigs for Wreck fishing. The smaller it goes, the harder it gets. Even the 3/4 ounce ones are tricky for me right now.

PRACTICE: That’s whats in my future. And plenty of it. I want to get really good at this. I’m making more than I will use right now. If you would like one of these early versions of what I am currently making, LET ME KNOW! Leave a comment or send an email ( and the size range and I will happily show some free love!  As I refine my skills, I’ll maybe look at selling some here and there if only to support it financially as a hobby.

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Wolfpack Jigs by Jimmy Kolb

I look forward to giving you updates on my progress as a Jig Maker. With a little more time and expierience under my belt, I’ll go more in depth about how it goes. Until Then:

Tight Lines!