I returned home earlier this month from my “Non-Voluntary Military Directed Vacation” to a whole new world. On December 23rd, 2016 my world changed forever with the birth of my first child; a Beautiful little girl named Olivia. As avid of a fisherman as I am, I’m not ashamed to say that my priority and the majority of my attention had been dwelling on meeting her for the first time. And man, it was incredible! I was so sour at the military for having missed the birth, but when I held her for the first time I couldn’t hold on to that anger anymore. My heart was and has been so overfilled with joy and happiness for this child, I’ve had no time for anger.Being back with my wife, daughter, and my Italian Mastiff Buddy has been amazing, and keeping me in high spirits. High Spirits that I need for this fishing slog I’m in.

Amidst all the familial delights and obligations, honey do-lists, and things to catch up on; I’d still been uber excited to get on the water.February, being the gnarly fishing month that it is has not been kind to me thus far. With essentially NO Inshore Saltwater bite to speak of, I have been attempting to hone my bass fishing skills in some residential ponds and lakes around my house. Bass Fishing is still new to me, but I definitely got a taste for it last summer before I left…That being said…I’m ashamed to admit this, but I have been fishing 6 times, about 12 hours total and not a single fish to speak of! I’ve been out on some blistering cold days in the 30’s-40’s as well as days in the 70’s and it doesn’t matter. My only sign of encouragement was from today when I had a bass follow my jig. Just the sight of a fish outside of my cell phone screen makes me feel a LITTLE better… But damn Bass, throw a guy a bone!

I’m fortunate enough to have about 5 bodies of water to fish in less than 10 minutes from my house, so I can regularly get some practice in; Almost daily. As the weather warms up and I continue to practice different things I’m sure I will see results. As a matter of fact: I GUARENTEE IT.

As spring rolls in, so will the Inshore bite! I am aching to get into the Stripers, Red Drum, and Specks. But all Summer my top two targets in the Chesapeake Bay will be Flounder and Cobia! I CANT WAIT!


Ciao for Now