Are you a serious angler? Have you ever dreamed of having your own sponsors? If so, National Pro Staff is a dream come true!

National Pro Staff is a sort of Social Network that connects avid fishermen with all sorts of companies in the fishing industry. You make a profile and follow other anglers and companies, and make fishing oriented posts. Your profile, what you post as well as a resume you fill out, are the first thing the companies review when you apply for a sponsorship. You have your heavyweights like Penn, Shimano, and Berkley as well hundreds of smaller and mid-size companies trying to make their way into your tackle box.

Most of your pro-staff opportunities are likely to come from these smaller companies. They are constantly seeking pro-staff anglers to sponsor their products. Sponsorship types very between free gear to cold hard cash, mostly being the former. Chances are; as a small time angler that nobody has ever heard of, your companies that sponsor you will be the same. If you can promote those guys well, you increase your chances of “hooking” a larger company, or a more lucrative sponsorship with that company.

One of the biggest things most of these companies are looking for is an online/ multi-media presence. While some companies may be fine with a strong social media presence, the bigger your audience the more enticing you are. YouTube Channels, Blog’s, Website’s, and Podcast’s are some definite strong points these guys will look for. And obviously, with that both quality and quantity are major factors. Like everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. This website will definitely play a factor in what I am pursuing in 2017!

Check them out and see if it’s for you!