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Darcizzle Offshore is not your typical angler. She is an offshore angler! She also happens to be a tanned bikini clad blonde, but the offshore game is where it’s at! Hailing from southern Florida, Darcie got her start when her fishing photos on her Instagram page began getting A LOT of attention from fellow anglers and Sponsors alike. Companies began reaching out to her to sport their gear in her photos and before long questions arose about her being a model and not an angler. Her answer to that was to start a YouTube channel highlighting her fishing adventures. With production/camera help from her boyfriend Bryan, Darcizzle Offshore was born.


Her channel has grown drastically since then, and like the name her channel heavily features offshore fishing for species like Wahoo, Kingfish, Mahi-Mahi, and more. Normally, Offshore fishing is expensive and to put it on film requires the larger companies and productions to dump a lot of money into. But Darcie capitalizes on Southern Florida’s “Offshore” being rather “Near Shore”. She also does plenty of inshore fishing and is starting to feature some freshwater fishing and hunting.


Darcie grew up fishing with her dad, but is still learning a lot about fishing. She didn’t come into this as an expert, but she’s eager to educate as she goes. She does a lot of product reviews, and instructional stuff so it kind of feels like you are learning WITH her as you watch. Her channel feels inclusive and she has an open personality. She has a ton of appeal for female anglers looking to get into fishing, and plenty to offer for everybody.


She has a quality channel that I definitely recommend checking out! Link is below!

Darcizzle Offshore