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BlacktipH is a true titan of the YouTube fishing scene. The channel is almost a decade old, and he was the first fishing channel on YouTube to get to 100,000 subscribers. AND, playing into my heart, it’s a SALTWATER channel. There simply is no better Saltwater channel to be my very first saltwater YouTube spotlight.

Josh hails from Florida, a place I’ve long considered to be the top fishing in the U.S. and barring maybe Australia in the world. As the name suggests, BlacktipH has long been primarily a Shark Fisherman. He started mainly surf fishing for sharks, but also ventures out on boats and catches species like Blacktips, Lemons, Bulls, Hammerheads, and even Tiger Sharks. He also catches huge Goliath Grouper frequently, as well as Tarpon, Sailfish, Swordfish, Redfish, Jacks…essentially, just name it and he catches them. One main tone is true with this channel. It’s always exciting, and always BIG. Look up his monster Sawfish video!

As a nice change of pace, he has started to feature some freshwater fishing. Largemouth’s Peacock’s, and clown knifefish…. Wait what? Yeah, go look at that craziness…

If you want to learn how to Shark Fish, this channel is an absolute necessity to check out. He is as much a Subject Matter Expert in this world as Neil Degrasse Tyson is on Astro Physics. That’s a high bar, but I’m sticking with it. Josh is spoiled by the fishery Florida offers, and takes full advantage. If you want to live vicariously as a Big Game Saltwater Fisherman, He’s the guy to do it through.

BlacktipH is a MUST SUBSCRIBE!!! Link to his channel is below.