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Alex Paric is a long-time friend of our previously spot-lighted channel / angler Jon B.  He, like the first couple of spotlighted fishermen is primarily a Bass fisherman; I mean obviously given his channel name right? He too is in his early 20’s and is for the moment going to college in Alabama.


Peric is often the butt of many jokes amongst his fellow “googan squad” pals, stemming from some funny moments captured on video. Probably his most infamous “Peric Moment” as they deem, would be when he freaked out over losing a “10lb” bass with Jon B, and throwing his rod in dismay. Other moments include breaking a fishing rod with his bicycle, choosing to get off his boat and fish from 20 foot pilings, and choosing to jump from a pier to land his fish. There is never a dull moment on the water with this guy.


“Peric moments” aside, AP is quite a knowledgeable and dedicated fisherman. He is passionate about what he does, and all the credit to him for pumping out the quantity of videos he does, while attending school. Like the rest of his googan squad buddies, he travels constantly throughout the U.S. and always finds the time to put out new videos. He has also recently gotten into hunting and has started putting out some hunting videos to bring a new dynamic to his channel. He probably does the most VLOGing of all his friends, giving really great insight into just how busy his life is in doing this.


APBassing is an entertaining and informative channel that I’d highly recommend to anyone. Check out his channel in the link below!