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1Rod1ReelFishing is the final YouTube Spotlight of the “Googan Squad”. We finally have some representation for the East Coast, via Maryland. Like the rest of the googan’s, he travels heavily throughout the U.S., but also films his fishing adventures on vacations to Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, and Mexico. Mike is a freshwater fisherman targeting mostly bass, but is a fantastic pan-fisherman as well. From time to time he will try his hand at Saltwater, but it’s far from being his main squeeze.

While Mike offer’s plenty of “regular” fishing on his channel, more than anybody he heavily incorporates fishing challenges with a wide range of tactics/antics and rewards/punishments. Some of the challenges consist of fishing with ridiculous sized poles, bacon and candy baits, terrible bait choices, and fishing while blindfolded. The results of those challenges are just as good featuring nasty edible concoctions, hair dye, and affecting the fate of U.S. presidential elections. Is the swamp drained yet?

To me, the thing that sets him apart more than anything is his involvement with his channel subscribers. From time to time he will feature some of his subscribers in his videos, and even host’s subscriber tournaments in various locations throughout his travels. He even conducts fishing challenges with baits that subscriber’s send him in the mail. I think that kind of stuff is truly awesome, and shows that he cares about the people that make him a successful YouTuber.

I love Mike’s channel and I’m confident you’ll like it too! Here’s the link!