Jon B.

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Jon B. is an angler who, through the power of YouTube, we have literally watched grow up before our eyes. From puberty through dropping out of College, he is now a fulltime fisherman. He started producing fishing videos around the age of 13, when his channel was called “Fishing the Midwest” with some help of a very supportive father. Originally hailing from Illinois, he is primarily a Bass fisherman who mostly fishes Midwest states like Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin but travels to places like Minnesota, Texas, Florida, and Canada. He will pursue most every freshwater species, and has done some collaboration with some saltwater anglers.

Only a few years removed from High School, Jon has a charismatic personality that combines experience, maturity, and knowledge with his youthful exuberance. This is a guy who found his calling early in life, and dedicated himself to pursuing it. Although many people look to anything YouTube related as amateur, he works extremely hard to bring a professional edge to his videos with some really good editing and incorporating drone footage; while never losing his authenticity. Jon could one day easily make his way onto your television as a host of a Fishing Show.

Jon’s channel offer’s all the bass fishing you could ask for, as well as VLOG’s, tactics, some iCast footage, and even a series called the “Never Stop Fishing Tour” where he and a friend (APBassing) go on a week long tour through the Upper Midwest with a $1000 budget, and no real plans to speak of, living the fish life.

I give my highest personal recommendation to check his channel and subscribe. You’re in for a treat and an adventure. Link to his channel is posted below.

Jon B