If you are reading this, then WOW! Somebody on the internet is reading what I have to say! That’s an awesomely scary thought.

Welcome to AD-Fishing.com! This Blog will be about myself, an Active Duty United States Sailor and my adventures and excerpts on the water, while balancing a military lifestyle and anchoring life at home. I am hoping to relate to fellow anglers serving in uniform, as well as other professionals who often have to find balance between  home life, J-O-B’s, and their enthusiasm for the purest recreational activity we all know and love… Fishing.

Now, who the hell am I to thrust myself into this? My name is Tim. Ok, now that that’s over with…  Just Kidding.

My love for fishing started with my father, who gladly spent a whole 6 years teaching me the ins and outs. He was a mate on a Charter Boat out of Belmar, New Jersey creatively called “Miss Belmar”. They were a Party Boat who did full and half day trips for Fluke (Flounder), Sea Bass, Blue Fish etc, with the occasional seasonal off-shore trips. When i came of age (4 ish?) to join the brotherhood of the sea and earn my salt, he began taking me out on trips as well as doing some dock fishing waiting on mom to come get us. I have to say i was “hooked” right away. Shortly thereafter, the boat relocated to St.Petersburg, Florida and wow. This is where it really hit me.. It was also where I found my passion for Power Rangers, Street Sharks, and Scooby-Doo, but let’s say that the aforementioned didn’t have the staying power in my heart that fishing did. These were my pre-k – 1st grade years, and I fondly remember spending whole summers “working” (Fishing) with my dad on the boat. He would also keep me home from school on days when the bite was hot, or wake me up in the middle of the night to get on the water for a few hours with him. I was living the “Salt Life” at that age before it was ever a thing. Might I say, for my age I was quite the fisherman.

Then life happened, and my first fishing partner ghosted out. But I thank him more for what he sparked in me in those few years, than I hold against him for not sticking around.

Growing up I would find myself living in New Jersey again, Maryland, South Carolina, and New York. All of which, I would find my way to the water either by myself, with friends, or my step-dad. Fishing to me was a lot of different things. When i was younger it reminded me of my old man, as i got older it was an escape; from a shitty home life, bullies, school, drugs, or ANYTHING I felt like escaping from. To this day it does both of those things still, but more than ever it feels like a quest to me. A quest to improve on a skill-set I have. A quest to be better at something than other people are. A quest to see just how good I can get, and how much I can enjoy it in the process. And now, I’m on a quest to bring my passion for fishing to an audience beyond just myself.

So, after leaving for boot camp 1 month post-high school graduation, I am currently serving as a Master-At-Arms First Class Petty Officer in the Navy. At this point, I have been serving for 9 years and am currently stationed in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Thus far my career has brought me all over the world having been stationed in Japan, Guam, New Orleans and Virginia while travelling to over a dozen countries in that span. Been some places, seen some things, the Navy has been great! While serving, I’ve had the opportunity to wet a line in quite a few places across the globe with varying degrees of success, but it’s always been a blast! As my fellow service member’s can relate, as much as the Navy has allowed me to fish around, I haven’t always had the time to fully dive in and “Step my game Up.” Like in any job, to be successful and climb the ladder, requires a lot of sacrifice, time, and energy. Particularly in your early years. My tour in Japan afforded me little time to fish . In Guam, I met a friend Rey, who helped re-ignite my passion for fishing, but spent about 60 % of my time there deployed. In New Orleans, it was game on. Thanks to YouTube, I discovered Kayak Fishing, and purchasing a 12 foot piece of plastic changed my life! And now, the story continues in Virgina…

I am not a professional fisherman. I do not know it all, and I do not have all the answers. But I LOVE fishing and want to share and expand on that. I am growing increasingly more interested in the fishing market and following fishing as an industry.  So, I will most definitely be tying these things into normal fishing excerpts and who knows, maybe I can teach some people some things. I am REALLY excited to be doing this! I’ve wanted to for a while, at some point you just gotta take the plunge right? Can’t catch anything without getting a line wet!

How did you get your start fishing? Whats the coolest place you’ve fished?